Sunday, 6/1, Conversation

David Cobb, We The People

Gar Alperovitz, Author "What Then Must We Do?"

Rabbi Michael Lerner, Founder, Tikkun

Richard C. Cook, The Gaia Plan

Darwin Bond Graham, Journalist

Steve Seuser, Co-Founder, D.C. Public Bank

Germany's Energy Transition.pdf
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Jim Sauber, Postal Banking In the USA

Ying Lee, Postal Banking in the USA

Ethan Allen (Jim Hogue), Inspirational Remarks on the Commons

Birgitta Jonsdottir, The Icelandic Model: A Peaceful Revolution

Ellen Brown, The Public Bank Solution

Panel, The Promise of Public Banks

Victoria Grant, Student, Public Speaker

Rob Kall, Founder

TPP Forum

Gray Brechin, Living New Deal Scholar, UC Berkeley

Tim Canova, Law Professor

Jim Costanzo, Strike Debt and Occupy Sandy

Charlie Eaton, Financial Secretary, UC Student-Workers Union

Tom Sgouros, Public Finance Consultant

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John Hulls, Cambiant Model: Are You Banking with Turkeys?

Kurt Von Mettenheim, Public Banking Funding the Economies Around the World