Public Banking Conference

How often do you get a chance to join with other creative minds discussing how best to redesign the banking systems of nations, in ways that would create new prosperity for millions and help to rebuild local economies?

This year, just once.

Join pioneering policy makers, civic leaders, banking entrepreneurs, innovators and ordinary citizens interested in learning about one of the most critical undertakings of our time: creating a truly prosperous, democratic and sustainable new economy.

On Sunday night, June 2nd from 7 - 9:30pm, Matt Taibbi will speak on "Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squds, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America." He will join Ellen Brown, Author of Web of Debt and her book (newly available on 6/2/13) The Buck Starts Here, and Birgitta Jónsdóttir, member of Iceland's Parliament, in a discussion of how we can move from a two-tiered justice system (one favoring the financial elites and one for the rest of us) to a more just and democratic system where we can reclaim our economic sovereignty from Wall Street banks and the US Congress.

The Funding the New Economy Conversation is Sunday night only -- a one-time educational, media and cultural event, also featuring the music of slack key guitarist Makana and singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the "Voice of the People."

Funding the New Economy Conversation registration is available separate from the conference, for those who have time to only attend on Sunday evening.

Don't miss the Public Banking Conference 2013: Funding the New Economy, in San Rafael, CA, June 2-4. We will explore one of the core foundations of successful economies around the world: a distributed network of public banks that operate in the public interest of each respective community.

Sunday -- Public Banking Perspective and Background
Monday -- Public Banking Policy and Issues
Tuesday -- Public Banking Roadmap and Planning

Full Public Banking Conference registration includes Sunday Evening "Funding the New Economy" Conversation, Monday lunch and Monday evening reception, and Tuesday lunch.
Kickoff Night
At 7pm on Sunday, June 2nd, Angelico Hall will be the venue for a conversation between our participating panelists. Through voice, music, and media, we will focus on the role of public banking throughout the world, with special emphasis on: how public banks in Europe fund the new economy; the Bank of North Dakota; the current banking crisis, its causes and solutions; and direction and guidance to those who wish to further public banking in their cities, counties, and states in order to fund co-operatives, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and other sectors of the New Economy.

Conference Theme
The theme of the 2013 Conference will be on local investing and, specifically, how this investment market can fund the new economy. With over $37 trillion in self-directed IRAs and mutual fund savings in this country, virtually none of it is redirected as capital to the small and medium size businesses that generate the majority of jobs in this country. With the passage of the JOBS Crowdfunding Act in April, 2012, we are now beginning to see an emphasis on investing locally with equity capital. The conference will explore how public banking takes on a central role in creating a market for local investment of both debt and equity capital.

The need for localizing debt and equity capital markets.
How public banking can serve as the catalyst for local investing.
Revisiting the success of public banking in colonial America and throughout the world, including a session on Canada’s successful history of public banking and how it has been suppressed.
Infrastructure Banks and Public Banks – when to choose each.
The hidden costs of interest, and how this lost revenue can be returned to the public through publicly-owned banks.
The history, structure, and governance of the Bank of North Dakota.
Efficient and cost-effective banking models and theories.
See Videos and Interviews. More on the way!

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